What Now’s Iconic Propsboy?

This sounds credible at first look, but keep in mind that is coming from the identical site that was «virtually sure» the iPhone 5 and subsequent-gen iPad would have fingerprint studying tech. Gene «The Apple HDTV is coming out this yr for positive» Munster thinks Apple’s future lies in «wearable computing» — issues like the mythical Apple-branded «sensible watch» or something just like Google Glasses. First, Apple abandoned the wearable kind factor for the iPod nano’s 2012 redesign. Two years later, there’s no credible proof that Apple is constructing a smart watch. Just as a fun train, look on the hypothetical good watch in the image related to that AppleInsider article and ask your self what drawback, if any, the machine solves. A «smart watch» is severely the dumbest thought ever, and if Apple made this product tech blogs would be climbing over each other to shout about how Apple is DOOMED because it’s focused on out of date technology. Digitimes never sheds light on anything besides tech blogs’ inability (or unwillingness) to think about the credibility or validity of their sources.

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